Cowes week & Fastnet 2017

Sailing last week and the weekend, Cowes, Isle of Wight, week ended on Friday in a spectacular fireworks show and red arrows display.  Amazing to be out on the boat with all this going on overhead, the Red Arrows never fail to impress and leave you in awe of their skill and speed.


#FastNet2017  On Sunday, in glorious August sunshine, saw the beginning of the #Fastnet2017 race starting just outside Cowes on the Isle of Wight with 368 sailing yachts taking part, a new record number.  We were moored in Hamble Marina, Hampshire and saw many of the boats getting ready for the race on Sunday morning.  The #Fastnet race is confirmed as the worlds largest offshore race.  Founded in 1925 this years start at 11:00 on Sunday 6th August, over a course of 608 nautical miles which is 1126km, following the English coastline westwards from the #Solent, around Landsend then into the Celtic sea and on into the Southwest coast of Ireland and back to the finish at Plymouth. The race passes such landmarks as The Needles, Portland Bills, Start Point, The Lizard, Lands End and Bishops Rock off the coast of Scilly Isles.  




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